Repairing A Broken Heart pt2 ch1

Days past and she never checked to see what the notification was about,  but one thing she couldn’t ignore is the loads of comments and messages she had been getting from an individual unknown to her.
She decided one day to find out more about this person. So she started to investigate his profile thats when she learned this person was a twenty eight years old Trinidadian by the name, Jason Fernando. She didn’t find Jason to be interesting so she over looked him and proceed to scroll trough her news feeds but the notifications wouldn’t stop and she would continue to ignore them, when she realize it’s Jason.

One day she had a day off work, she slept most of the day but when she woke up she was frustrated and bored for she never got use to staying home. She tried everything to make herself occupied but it seem the more she tried the longer the day gets, she took up her phone and call Abby a friend of hers,  Abby was excited to hear her voice merely because she haven’t heard from her in a long time. Hay Maya!” Abby shouted in a very exciting tone of voice,.

Abby began to talk continuously about what she had been doing all those time, giving Maya no chance to tell her why she called, mean while Maya rolled her eyes hilariously. After a minute Abby finally stopped talking and ask, whats up girl?”.
Maya told Abby she got a day off and she is bored and need someone to talk to, they got caught up in a conversation, Abby mentioned a post she made on facebook so Maya went online to see Abby’s post she happened to see a very interesting notification which says someone poked you then below there was another notification saying Jason comment on your photo, Maya was now curious to see what the comment was and who poke her.

There were very interesting comments from Jason about her beautiful features and how attracted he was to her, Maya laughed and ignored the comments. A few minutes later she was chatting with Abby again, they both talked and laugh for hours, it was now late evening so they cut their conversation to attend to their families.


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  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    Wow great story

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  2. Charz Holoman says:

    This is an amazing story, so interesting can’t wait for the continuation.

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    1. Andre says:

      Please follow click the tab at the bottom of your screen to follow, you will receive updates. Thanks for reading.


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