Repairing A Broken Heart pt5 ch1


On a cold dark night in the midst of a quiet neighborhood, an unexpected knocking was heard  coming from downstairs in Maya’s house, she  woke up looking frightened, so she rolled off the bed landing silently on her feet and her hands at the same time then reached for a base ball bat which was leaning in a nearby corner.
She then moved closer to her room door quietly, peaking out to see if there was anyone in the passage way, no one was there so Maya quietly moved to the other side of the passage to her daughters room and peak in to see Cara sound asleep, she then slowly walk down the staircase with the baseball bat above her shoulder as if she was about to hit a ball to the end of the universe.

As she walk down the staircase she could see a light shining from the kitchen as the knocking gets louder, when Maya reached to the ground floor the knocking stopped. She quickly and quietly ran to the entrance of the kitchen door hiding behind a cabinet close by peaking into the kitchen but all she could see was an empty room, she wondered what was that sound, Maya looked more frighten but wasn’t frightened enough to turn back.
The knocking started again, she noticed the sound was coming from the bottom of the kitchen cupboard so she moved closer and quickly open the door, to her surprise it was her kitten playing with a empty juice jug and bouncing on other objects.

Maya leaned the base ball bat into a corner and went to the refrigerator, she took a box of milk from the fridge and called the kitten then pore some milk into the container for the kitten to drink then shut the cupboard door. She then went back to the refrigerator, replace the milk and get herself a glass of water.
Maya left the kitchen with the water in her hand and head back to her room, when Maya got back to her room she sat on her bed.

Just as Maya was about to put the glass to her mouth the cat jumped on her bed Maya skeleton nearly run out of her body but she kept her composure, she put down the glass and took up the cat cussing it while  looking the kitten in the eyes and said, don’t you ever do that again you little brat”.
Maya put down the kitten and took up her phone to see the time which was minutes before midnight, Maya started scrolling through the phone as she lay down. 

Her mind ran on Jason so she decided to visit his profile, she scroll trough his profile seeing a whole lot to look at.
After scrolling, Maya noticed Jason is a father, she started pressing like on the photos of him and his kid. After several hours of running trough Jason’s profile Maya fell asleep with her phone in her hand.
What seemed like twenty minutes later was three and a half hours later, when the vibration of Maya’s phone woke her up, she woke up with the kitten laying next to her.

Maya took up the phone off the bed and read the messages which were from Jason and Abby, Abby texted her asking why was she up that late but Jason’s texts were more pleasant good morning greetings, which includes, good morning my beautiful angel”,
Maya responded with just a good morning text. About five minutes after he responded, he was talking about how much he love her beautiful smile, that made her smile. They texted for several minutes before Maya stopped responding.

As time went by, Maya started to gain more intimate feelings for Jason. They began to communicate more often, Maya even gave Jason her phone numbers. They also introduce each other to members of their family.


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  1. Charz Holoman says:

    Love it. This story is getting very intense and interesting.

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