Repairing A Broken Heart pt6 ch1

Things started to get intense, Maya finally felt she had found the man who will change her life. She started sending Jason gifts and goodies for himself and his son.
Maya even considered visiting  Trinidad to meet Jason, she shared her intentions with him and he seemed happy to hear she had it in mind. 

One day Jason called Maya and asked her to buy his son some clothes cause he was broke, Maya didn’t turn him down, she sent  him enough money to buy cloth and whatever else he needed. 

He started begging on a regular  basis, until one day he called and asked for a specific amount of money, May didn’t hesitate, she sent the money.
After Jason collected the money Maya didn’t hear anything from him for three days, he didn’t even call to say thanks.

When Maya got in contact with Jason on the third day he said he never had any internet connection, Maya curiously questioned  him for a few minutes until she was satisfied. When Maya realized Jason was doing this every weekend she decided to she would study his actions.

One day while on the internet she went scrolling trough his profile, when she started seeing suspicious things. She never said anything she kept cool, until Abby called her out of the blues to ask her if was with Jason. Maya answered yes, then Abby started to tell her about things she had seen.

Maya confronted Jason about these things and he denied all that she said, but Maya knew she was right so she rest it for a while, every time she taught about these things she’d get worried but she taught they could get pass any situation. Maya was bothered by the repeat of his actions so she kept confronting Jason about the issue, Jason began to act arrogant, showing signs of ignorance.

Maya was never use to being responded to in such manner so she kept silent and allowed him to talk, it was not long after he stopped talking when Maya ended the conversation and retired to bed.

The following day Jason called Maya to ask for money, when she told him she had no money at the time he began to suggest what she could do to get money to give to him, when she denied he started demanding that she get the money for him.
For days Jason would call and ask if she would send the money but Maya would say no. An argument developed among them, Jason began to use disrespectful curse words. Instantly Maya’s heart was broken.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    That Jason must be a real creep to be so demanding her a woman money

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charz Holoman says:

    Wow, poor Maya, this is getting very interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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