Repairing A Broken Heart pt7 ch1


Maya was extremely pissed she ignored Jason for days, she left him wondering, he never knew she would ever ignore him, cause she was a lady who easily forgive.
Maya spoke to Olivia about what had happened, Olivia was very disappointed, so she took Jason’s number from Maya’s phone and called him.

Jason showed no sign of remorse at first but as Olivia spoke to him he gradually broke down and apologised for his actions, Olivia told him that he should apologize to Maya then gave Maya the phone Jason began speaking in a soft tone of voice but Maya kept silent. He didn’t know what else to say so he started weeping, but Maya remained quiet, after several minutes She finally spoke, Jason’s face was enlightened with a smile.

When Olivia noticed the expression on Maya’s face so she dismissed herself. Maya and Jason spoke for hours until they they both had nothing more to say, they disconnected the phone call and went on about their business.
As usual Maya had nothing more to do for the rest of the evening so she went on fb to occupy her time, as Maya scroll trough she noticed a friend suggestion, Maya taught since she had nothing to do she’d check it out, and so did she.

It’s was another Trinidadian, Maya taught he may know Jason so she sent a friend request which she never did before for she believes that will attract unwanted friends,  five minutes later the request was accepted Maya got nervous, she wondered if she had don’t something wrong, not long after Maya got a message.

She taught this person was mean however she responded kindly, the introduction began and so was there friendship. Maya started asking about this country she also stated she had never been to Trinidad, this conversation never lasted long. Maya was exhausted so she ended the conversation to take a shower and went to bed.

As she slept she dreamt of a heavy rumbling and showers of rain falling on her roof as she make love to a perfectly carved gentle man with bright eyes and stash, it’s as if she was soaking wet laying in a garden of Lillie’s, just as the mode increased a loud thunder struck, Maya jumped from her sleep to see lightening flashing outside her window as the rain poured heavily on her roof, it also looked as if she had a thunder storm in her tong.

Maya got up from her bed and called Jason but all she got was voicemail, she tried over and over but couldn’t get an answer, she checked the time to see it was already five in the morning. Maya got herself ready and left for work, she went trough that whole day without a call from Jason.

She started to think negatively of Jason so this lead them to having an argument every time they talk, Maya started feeling depressed and confused as time passed Maya started feeling more broken so she would call Abby and talk about things but all Abby ever did was point out the negatives which made Maya feel even worst.

After a while Maya decided she wanted a new friend to talk to so she text that new friend she added asking if Chad was his real name, he answered saying yes it is.  Then Maya asked if he knows Jason.

To Be Continued


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  1. Charz Holoman says:

    Great Andre pt 7 was very interesting ..can’t wait to see how the story unfolds.


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