Do it now not when I’m gone, change yourself before you think of changing others.

This is a fact we all need to change, we are blind to the things that happens around us daily, to situations we could help in but we ignore them, we always say if i had know. I don’t know how most of you will think of this, but i know hundreds of similar situations, this happens with family friends etc. If you are one of the more fortunate i urge you to reach out to some one, verbally, physically,financially.


Just take a minute to think, think about the fact that people will ignore you today as you live, but tomorrow when you die they weep and mourn over your corp, we tend to he who tends to others and avoid the true love from ours brothers we say we love ladies yet we disrespect our mothers. We as fathers expect obedience from our children yet we disobey our father.  Why do we look down on others and focus on fortune, fame and all sorts of material gain.
for which we step even on the lame we spend time, money and effort just to enjoy a football game.

But for the poor sick and helpless we won’t do the same, then we stand up and pray, god remember me cause i know your name.” where is our compassion our love, our care, where did humanity go?. This been is the only being as far as i know, and we will leave all our possessions when you go.

Too often we use the word love to express our feelings for sexual urges, romantic affairs, and for attention  but what about the love god share with us, sometimes i must say i fail to believe we even have love for ourselves. What i see in this era is materialistic love. How can we sacrifice ourselves, our souls and and our children a


nd still say i love you, where did that come from, the peak of the esophagus i assume. Stop being naive, cut that plastic smile, be true to yourself, be true to others god’s love is genuine and to him your taught is primary, let’s live for others and not only ourselves, a purpose wasn’t created for you, you weren’t  created for a purpose. Lets make this world a better place,  come together and heal the earth.


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