The Thrilling Garden Therapy



The crickets chirp from the garden of fresh green herb
As the soothing music of Aistè’s harp plays with no one to disturb
I lay under the the gigantic cherry tree as relaxed as i could be feeling happy and free and the birds sing along with nature as they enjoy the breeze


I write as i listen to the harmony of the bird the bees and the whispering breeze as i fade into a day dream it’s a wonderful Feeling peaceful and refreshing, nothing like being away from the hustle and bustle of the hot and busy city.


Little sheep’s Gallup trough the garden with no care in the world, butterflied greet my Hawaiian shirt while the sluggish snail crawl up the the lignum vitae


I watch as the rabbits who destroy the carrot patch. The little ducklings quack from a nearby stream no therapy could be as effective as this moment had been.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Charz Holoman says:

    The Thrilling Garden such a lovely poem. Love it, gave me a sense of relaxation while reading it.


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