Repairing A Broken Heart pt8 ch1


Chad sounded humble and kind, his words were clearly written in standard English and his speeches were phrased in a manner which Maya understood well, she was surprised to see this. Chad told Maya a lot about himself during their conversation and Maya told him about Jason, they didn’t talk for long but they did enjoy the conversation, at the end of their talk they both were excited about their new friendship, Maya then went to take a bath when Jason called her, she answered and they spoke for a while until the conversation was ended by an argument.

Maya got very upset she showed and went to bed. At 6 am, by the ring of the phone Maya was awaken.
It was Jason again, this time he  said he was in urgent need of help for he as broken a leg in an early morning soccer game, Maya panicked and send him money by internet banking, after she call him and gave him the code to collect to money he hang the phone up and went on to collect to cash.  For a the entire weekend Maya never heard a word from Jason nor even received a message, Maya got curious and decided to find out more about Jason, so she text Chad and ask him if he could help her to get some information on Jason, Chad told her to just give him information about Jason and he could find out whatever she wants to know, after she gave Chad is name and address.

Chad went quiet for a second leaving Maya curious, why are you so quiet”, she ask, well, this community is a ghetto”, replied Chad, what!!” Maya answered. Maya then ask , do you know him”, no” replied Jason. Maya began feeling nervous, but she was now more curious more than ever, so she asked Chad if he could get more information about him and he told he could.
About two weeks later they where texting again and Chad started giving Maya details about Jason when she told him the relationship was breaking up because over the pass months he caused nothing but pain and heartbreak to her. Poor Maya you could see in her eyes that she is stressed and hear in her voice that she is frustrated.
Chad was like fertiliser to her joviality her sense of jollity gave Chad a full approval for permanent friend. Maya’s mood would swing to joyful, hitting red on the meter whenever Chad texted her, she now realize that Jason was an handful of trouble to her.

After a month had passed things were becoming clearer to Maya, Chad had taught her about the currency and cost of life in his country, now she realized Jason was earning a fortune off her. So Maya called Jason and cussed him out, she even told Abby and Olivia about her situation, they were so pissed that they also called Jason and cussed him out too. Maya was now positive about putting an end to the relationship so she stopped calling and texting Jason.

See Chapter 2 for more


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  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    Love this it’s going to interesting to see if she and Chad will hook up


    1. Andre says:

      I’m sure you’ll see, keep following in fact it will get more interesting


  2. Charz Holoman says:



  3. Charz Holoman says:

    Wow… Very interesting.. Story is getting very exciting.


    1. Andre says:

      I’m glad you like it


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