Repairing A Broken Heart pt1 ch2


Even though Maya stopped communicating with Jason he would still send messages to her phone and make comments on her pictures, this was now becoming  frustrating to Maya so she would stay off line for days at times, but still couldn’t avoid his intrusion.
Abby was starting to dislike Jason because he was becoming  annoying, he Nog’s her like a child to a mother, he even disturb Olivia when she is most busy, to make it worst he text to ask why Maya doesn’t send him money anymore.
Everyday Maya would be greeted buy a message from Jason that pissed her off, but she wouldn’t respond. Chad realised what was happening because Abby had became his friend over time and she would tell him things that had happened, she confronted Maya with the issue and they spoke about it for a while, days passed and Maya was still bothered so she couldn’t stop speaking about Jason and his ignorant and immature behavior.

Chad taught Maya was still Quietly talking to Jason why she mentioned him so often but after his investigation he realised Jason was a like leech clinging to her pocket, Chad taught he couldn’t have done anything about this so he told Maya that if she ignored Jason long enough then he would understand better that she is done with him, but Maya was too nice to hold it out she felt guilty when she saw messages from him saying he was desperately in need. Thanks to Abby who enlightened Maya so she could see the game that she was being played in.  

Chad was curious about the case, he was really worried that he was wasting his time but he didn’t say anything, one day he saw Maya posted an astonishing picture so he commented saying, I want your
raw & primal lust
dripping from my
mouth & loins

passions singe
bruise & tear
at our flesh, until
guttural moans
become the
sighs of angels
to echo in the halls of eternity.
This drew attention, their phones got busy Abby and others texted them both asking about Chad’s boldness, they also wanted to know if they were hooking up. Jason started texting Maya asking who is Chad and why he wrote such comment, Maya laughed and Jason got upset then Began using expletives, Maya felt disrespected once again. This made her mad. 

After a few weekend Maya decided she wouldn’t take the bull crap anymore so she took it to another level, she went verbal, decently classing and discriminating Jason, words she used would cause a John crow to scorn a dead animal but unfortunately that was not enough to trough him off course for he continued texting, calling and begging.
It’s like Jason had no pride or he just didn’t care. Maybe he was so ignorant that he didn’t even notice he was being disrespected. But Maya was obviously over with him and would do anything to get rid of him. For weeks Jason would continue texting Maya even though he was texting in vane, it seemed.

After another month had passed Jason realised his relentless effort made no sense.  Instead of giving up he started describing Maya in the most obscurest manner, based on the derogative used at the beginning and end of each sentences in his own language it was clear enough that he meant nothing good.
Again Maya was feeling broken and torn, She then came up with a plan. She knew when this plan unravels, the table will turn.

To Be Continued…….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    Love it omg story is awesome


  2. Charz Holoman says:

    Wow very interesting, I can see Maya is starting to feel Chad…


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