Reparing A Broken Heart Pt2 ch2


Maya’s plan was to make jason feel the same way he had made her feel, she taught she would do this but not in the same manner he would, Maya knew she was way smarter than Jason so she could out smart him times four. She started to  think of hurtful things to do and say, things she never imagined doing, now that she was growing bitter inside for she was being hurted too often.
Her taughts were as dark as night and her rage was like a burning fire. Her heart was nolonger satisfied with the so called love of Jason Fernando, she taught she had found love but it turned out to be another broken heart. Maya’s life had become a series of drama, her eyes like a running stream,  Jasoning had brought out the worst in her. What she had in mind to do next was just too much for him to hold.
Maya proceeded to go about her business normally as calm as a lam with no sign of rage, no sign of unhappiness.
Jason continued to call and text her with no idea of her greive, Maya played along with his lies with a level of restriction on the things she does, she knew she couldn’t allow him to hurt her anymore. As he got more comfortable he continued to do as he pleases without a taught of how she might feel.

As the days go by the rage Maya had grew more and more untill it was too much for her to take, Maya finally exploded. All the insults and drama  caused her to speak her mind with no esitation, she said all, even things she never said before. Jason finally reacted as if he got the picture,he was speechless for the first time he never responded neither attempted to. Maya felt like a rock was lifted from her head, she slept in absolute comfort that night. As far as she knew the drama was all over but pitty she didn’t know there was more to come. Jason had no plans to let her go and Chad had incresing intimate feelings for Maya.
She begon talking to Chad more than ever even though she taught his attitude was a bit harsh, but his astonding sense of humor was enough to make her happy. One day as they were talking Jason went on to her facebook page and posted mean things because he saw comments by Chad and other friends of Maya. Jealousy takes course in Jason’s heart more than ever, he got so upset that he text, call and voice note Maya everyday with an argument about things she couldn’t control even if she cared.

Abby started texting Chad telling him the situation, which he already know but pretended he didn’t, she added that Maya was hurt and needed someone to talk to, as she beged Chad to be

nice to Maya, Chad knew that’s an oppertunity to show the best side of him so he took the oppertunity and made Maya feel apreciated, Maya found peace whenever she talk with Chad,  things stared to change for better, they already started to feel a connection,a day without a converstion between them nolonger existed. Maya inquired about Chad’s pass relationships, she was impressed by the things she heard but saddened by the fact that he had been betrayed like she had been. The passion grew between them and they now believe god had directed them to eachother, Maya opened up to Chad and so did Chad. Chad did his best to make Maya happy and It worked well, until she started sounding down in her voice, it was obivious something was wrong so Chad started asking what was the problem and everytime he does she would cut the conversation and tell him she had something to do or she had to get back to work.
One day out of curiosity Chad insisted Maya must tell him what was wrong, she burst into tears and stop talking for a few minuites then she started spilling her guts.


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  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    Like it feel like I’m living it lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charz Holoman says:

    Very interesting and exciting can’t wait to see what takes place next..great story Andre

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andre says:

      It’s coming


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