Action ,work, hope,expectation  blessings, success, if you  believe and do nothing to  activate your belief because you have an expectation nothing will happen for your faith, formula one don’t  work but the difference is  that  with formula two when you add hope and expectation to  the  equation you  will  work harder and  smarter  to bring that belief into existence, the  more your expectation increases  the more work you put in and  the closer  you will get  to  your  blessing. Some people thinks that faith is when you believe hard enough then what u want will happen. The  problem with that is, the focus is ignored when god tells you to put  some action in to include, you don’t have faith in god with the same intensity or  more than that of which u want the result, it will not happen. Faith in god means u have to ask seek and knock that means you believe do the work and wait for the result OK,  newyork states.


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