Be positive and you will find confidence, trust in god.


Negative influences direct you to lie steal and also kill because you fear for your life you are at  your wits end as folks  say you feel  like. You cant go on. You feel like you are  going to die  so you want to give up  resistance to situation and  people  around you is what  you  deem as best for you as you are  stretched to  the limit   but i have   news for you just  hang in  there and  numb  your mind to  the feelings you are experiencing focus your mind to reaching  your goals, you will realize that  to achieve those goals you have  you must give god the glory, hold up your head and walk with confidence for you are not alone, he loves you so he said i will never leave you nor forsake you.  To god be the glory, heads up, back straight, be confident god’s love has no end.


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