Stay honest no matter the situation, If it’s lie it’s not love!


Let me give you a heads up, human been can all most read minds believe it or not, just think about it have you ever sat down thinking about someone you haven’t seen in a long time and not long after that person appear or call you.  Mm mm I’d say yes a lot of us had that experience. But if you have this partner or just a random person you admire and you just can’t think of something nice to say, or something you’ve never said before below i wrote a simple lyrical content to at least  give you an idea of the things you can think of to make her smile.

Now you can tell your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or whatever you want to call that person this. Babe your voluminous design of dress draws my attention to noticing your astonishing physical feature, my heart skipped a beat three consecutive times when i looked into your beautiful eyes, your appearance is much similar to an angel. Like Micheal would say, You Knock Me Off My Feet Babe!!!. Now it’s your game play well baller, or would you rather partner?.  Remember now if you start a foundation on sand when the rain falls it will wash away and your structure will fall and maybe crumble to pieces, it may reach to a point where its irreplaceable, therefore it’s your choice, win a fair game or lose an unfair game. Blessings to you my fellow brothers and sisters.


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