Repairing A Broken Heart pt3 ch2


He is coming to my home, trying to have sex with me’ Maya said in a low tone. Who?’ asked Chad.  Maya stuttered then stopped speaking, after a few seconds of silence she burst into tears.
Are you OK?’, he asked. No, I’m not, i can’t take anymore of this’, She replied. Chad though about what to say for a while then began comforting Maya by telling her about some bad experiences he had, Chad got her attention, she was more locked to his argument than he expected, Chad then began to be humorous, though the facts of his story were painful.

Maya found him to be hilarious, which had completely taken her mind off the things that bothers her.
Not very long after she was overwhelmed with laughter.
What started out as a bad day turned out to be an extraordinary day, Chad  spent the day in his garden talking to Maya as he took pictures of roses, Fruit’s, birds. He snapped almost everything that was insight. The beauty of the thrilling garden performed a therapy.
After that Day Maya never let a day pass without calling Chad, From then Maya and Chad Has been best pals. Olivia would pass by her room at nights and sing, Going to the chapel Harry”. Maya knew she was messing with her so she just laugh, Abby started pulling strings behind Maya’s back, so whenever Maya and Chad has a conversation it turned out that he knew before what was bothering her,for she was discussing thing with he. She was curious for awhile but Chad told her that her friend was texting him.
So Maya and Chad decided to be private, they limited the details given to Abby. Abby noticed she wasn’t been told much so she started to dig for info in Chad’s profile so she could start a conversion with Maya.

She did so much that she dug up comments Chad made on other ladies photos month’s and even years before he met Maya, this was not a problem to Maya until Abby started making a big deal out of the forgotten facts. The confusion continued for weeks leading Maya into a state of depression, Abby never noticed how she was hurting her friend, who believed she was being protective, Chad also got frustrated over the issue and spoke to Abby a few times, surprisingly every time Chad text Abby she would start talking about Maya and how long she haven’t been with a man, then to top things off Abby then text Maya telling her Chad is spending more time with her and he likes her, worst she thought he was coming on to her.

Little did she know, Maya was the only reason Chad kept her as friend.
At first Maya believed everything Abby said to her but Chad made her know when ever he was about to text her and what it would be about then after every conversion Chad would send a screen shot of the messages to Maya, so she learned that Abby was full of herself and being mischievous with it too.

This continued for a while until Chad stopped texting Abby, he even blocked her from his profile and that stopped her from seeing all his Post’s, she was also unable to send text messages by messenger, Abby told Maya he had blocked her and Maya ask Chad to forgive her and unblock her, he did. Abby stopped creating mischief and began giving advise, now in her advise she would mentioned Jason, comparing his and Chad’s ways. Then out of the blues Jason started texting Maya’s phone and Abby started talking how he has been texting her crying. What happens next made Chad really upset.


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  1. Arielle Dalal says:

    Wow love this one deja vu sounds interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andre says:

      Lol, ok, thanks for your view.


  2. Charz Holoman says:

    Well that was very interesting.. Just anxious to see what happens next that gets Chad so angry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andre says:

      Smh, you will. It won’t be long.


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