Before You Blame Others Check Yourself


Once i was a man who believed in material things, i believed life was stagnant without vanity without money, cars ect. But one day i was driving down the street when i notice a couple walking with a toddler, the smile on their face was as bright as the morning light, but for some reason i felt sad anyway i didn’t let any of that be a bother to me, i proceeded to drive, long after i arrived at the community center where my child awaits me, i parked and got out of the car when i noticed a child sitting by himself looking confused, i walk over and greeted that kid with a smile on my face, the kid responded in an unhappy tone. I went ahead and ask if he was ok but he didn’t answer instead he sigh and that made me curious so i introduced myself to the kid and he responded politly introducing himself. 

As i sat beside the child swinging my key ring arround my finger i realized his eyes were focoused on a building across the street, so i said in a humble tone, i admire the paint on that building”, the kid responded saying, i don’t like it”. He dropped his napsack from his lap then began swining his feet above the grass and said, imagine my dad works there and i have to wait here for mom everyday”, just as i was about to continue the conversation a white tayota drove up behind my car, the lady who was driving parked the car and came over to us as she greeted the child by name, she then took his hand and he took up his bag and they both walked up the street as if i wasn’t even there. I sat there thinking for awhile then i headed into the play area of the park to get my son, we went to have ice cream then back to the car, on our way home my son turned to me and asked, Dad, what were you talking to Daniel about”, i looked at him and said, well son that kid seemed very sad and i was concerned”, he responded saying ok then he asked,dad did you know that mon is sad?”, i looked at him with my mouth opened then asked, why do you think mom is sad?”, he explained why he taught so and i was suprised by is explanation so i hurried home but unfoetunatly my wife was out, she left a note saying she was gone shopping.
She had made dinner before she left so i took a bath and so did my son, we had dinner and sat in the couch watching tv were we both fell asleep my wife came home and stacked the groceries in the kitchen then came and woke me, i took our son to his bed when i got back to the living room she was in the bathroom so i went to our room. Shortly after she came in with her towel rapped around her, i waited for her to come to bed but she sat up reading her bible, i fell asleep, some time after i felt her fitting under the cover. I streached and turned to her then asked, honey what can i do to please you”, she smiled then got serious and said, well if you made me feel more apreciated and be more like when we first met i would be happy, i asked her what was i like, she responded saying, you taught about us more and your job, car, house and money less. I taught about what she said for a while then. I asked that we pray and go to sleep and so did we.

For days I observed her and myself and that’s when I noticed I was really hurting her and she never said a word, then I started making adjustments and we began to communicate more and I saw that my family was now growing stronger and closer. But the important thing is, sometimes we are doing things in life that makes us happy and we don’t even notice the pain we cause to others. Don’t allow material gains to cause you to forget the important facts, thing and people in your life. Sometimes you will see others mistakes but blinded to your own, open your eyes never be to quick to blaim, be ready to see the truth.


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  1. Charz Holoman says:

    I believe we all fall short and focus on the wrong things in life and not even realizing what we are doing to others. your message is a very good message, Bless you Andre Scott keep up the good work, your stories are very soul searching it hits home.


  2. Charz Holoman says:

    Very interesting it gives us something to think about. I must say I know that sad feeling of loniness and neglec,, so I can really relate to this. Thanks Andre for sharing this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andre says:

      You are welcome, and I must thank you for following. Have a blessed day.


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