The Last Kiss At The Picket Gate

Tick tock tick tock  that’s the sound of the clock 

Time is running out and I’m not even near the block

How could I be so late on my first date

Am i wrong, am i to ponder about her faith

Tap tap, tap tap four times her door I knock

Drae is that you, come on in it’s not locked

You can start now explain yourself don’t wait

Said Priscella while she put the salad on the plate

I was impressed by the amazing setting yet was shock

She didn’t seem upset but she did glimpse the clock

She pressed play on the stereo I thought that’s great

We stared each other in the eyes as we ate

Tick tock tick tock that’s the sound of the clock

This time I made sure the door is lock

Music blasting as we waltz, in her eyes I concentrate 

Half past eight is time enough for us to separate

I whispered in he ear as I removed her cloche 

I was tempted to kiss but I  didn’t do such

On my way out I opened the white picked gate

From behind Priscella called out to me three times, wait!

She ran down to me, her waist I tightly clutch 

She kissed me then said oh I love your touch

I lift her off her feet the kiss I repeat


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