The Mask

My smile hides my tears.My laugh hides my screams.

It’s been this way for years.

Things aren’t as they seem.
I always seem so happy.

With not a care in the world.

But you should know sadly,

Many things go untold.
Nobody really knows me.

They only know my cover.

But I wish I could let as it free.

Let what’s under.
But instead I practice

My smiles in the mirror.

Then the next thing I do is

Make my fake laugh clearer.
What is wrong? You need help?

Is all they will ask.

So I have decided

To live behind a mask.​

The feeling of sadness is just as bad as a failing heart, as bad as a lung with no must this be, we love life yet life is consist of so much pain.everything hurts, love, hate, money, friends non brings total gsppiness. Unconditional love? In humanity? There is no such thing.happiness is only temporary.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Metoomuch says:

    Let God guide you and choose for you and you we see happiness is forever .I bare witness to that. Sadness is temporary .


    1. Andre says:

      Thank you very much, your response brought a smile, but I see where happiness only works part time, it only one reason I don’t fire her is because I like her


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