A World With Love Is A World Well Balance

Thank you for visiting andrespoems andlove, as you scroll down you will see where i share with you some quotes of my own. As i get the time i’ll upload more, hope you enjoy. Bless you. 


The things you need in life maybe the things you are living without

  • Many live to love but can’t say they love to live
  • It is amazing how my heart is broken yet the beat never stop
  • To be loved is a blessing, share your blessing with someone else
  • If man and woman could be as butter flies and flowers,
    This world would be like Aladdin theme song in perfect harmony
  • The best meal is prepared when your mind is free from negative thoughts.
  • When you say I love you be sure it’s true.
  • Happiness rely on a pure heart.
  • One smile can change an entire day.
  • Only when you believe you will know everything is possible.
  • You are what you believe you are, I’m one of the greatest man god created.
  • Solomon was wise but he made a mistake, no one is perfect, but it’s good to aim for perfection.